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This project was designed to get more people in the kitchen; encouraging users to try
new recipes and eat at home more. Tang is an automatic spice dispenser that
accurately measures and dispenses the needed spice for the selected recipe while
walking them through the process of preparing the meal. The spice containers are able
to be swapped out for different spices at any time, depending on your preferred taste, or

if you are looking to try something new.

Millennials when surveyed stated that they tend to choose frozen meals or take out over
cooking at home due to these main points. The most prominent point was stress, having
stated that they are worn out after working all day and from life in general they just want
something easy so they can relax at home. The other is that they aren’t particularly
confident in the kitchen.



To develop a product that aids the user in their cooking experience, by helping with tasks such as measuring and recipe reading. This is to reduce the overall stress of cooking and encourage users to try new things.


Mood Board

  • Retro

  • Organic

  • Comfort


Form Exploration

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