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This was a project where I along with a fellow designer took the iconic Dyson handheld
vacuum and resigned it with a few key points of improvements. Specifically, an
ergonomic handle, a removable and rechargeable battery, as well as a display screen to

provide information to the user.

dyson updated1.40.jpg

Target Audience

Those who live in smaller spaces and have a hard time finding space to store a large vacuum and or can’t justify buying a full-sized vacuum.

Enjoying a Cup of Coffee


To redesign a handheld Dyson vacuum
so that it fits more of the user’s needs.


Pain Points

  • Has a short battery life.

  • Dust bag is too small

  • Non replaceable rear filter 

  • no indication of battery life or filter life

  • The vacuum is hard to handle

  • Not enough power

dyson sketches.jpg
dyson rd print mages.jpg

Form Exploration

dyson updated2 exploded.41.jpg
dyson updated2 screen close up.42.jpg
dyson updated2 handle close up.43.jpg
dyson updated2 battery close up.44.jpg
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