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Revolve was where I was inspired to make a watch holder that is more than something that simply holds watches, Instead it is a sculptural element to show off your watches.

Mclaren Concept car

This was a revisit to an older concept car that I had, where I was able to refine my idea and give it more flow and design.

Ferrari F40 race car

The F40 race car was a photorealistic photoshop challenge in one of my classes at SCAD. In this I chose to modify a Ferrari f40 as if it were a semi modern, retro race car.

ferrari render (1) copy.jpg
Slip Stream

Slip Stream is a personal jet that I designed in solid works that allowed me to test my skills with more organic shapes, as well as imagine what it would look like for an enthusiast to have an overpowered jet for personal use.

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